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Our Products

Fit-out Finance

​We offer 100% funding on fit-outs and refurbishments of your premises. You and your customers can enjoy a beautiful new decor whilst spreading out the cost over up to 5 years.

Equipment Finance

We provide funding for all sorts of equipment your business might need such as furniture, IT resources, shop fittings, security systems as well as more expensive pieces of equipment.

Unsecured Development Loans

These loans can be used for all aspects of your business beyond equipment and refurbishments. For example, we can fund expansion, buying property, franchise fees and general working capital.


Cash-Flow Finance

Businesses face hard times, but we can offer short term bridge funding to finance your business needs such as buying stock or virtually any cash-flow requirements.






Vehicle Finance

We can finance new, used and classic cars, vans and bikes. We can also refinance vehicles that you already own for hire purchase, lease and operating lease.


Credit Card Receipt Loans

If your business accepts credit and debit cards, then this option is a simple way of repaying a loan. A proportion of each transaction is deducted as repayment towards the loan.



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